Osteo 6 plan, Pilates 10 plan, 15min FREE Nutrition Session & Nutrition Plan

At Wellthy Clinic we want to reward our existing valued clients with treatment plans. Also we appreciate Nutritionist services and what they entail isn’t exactly well known. Therefore we offer a 15min FREE Nutrition session for you to explain your symptoms and we explain how we can help you. For our other services please see our price list.

Plans Wellthy Clinic

Osteo 6 plan

For Osteopathy continuation sessions if you buy 6 sessions upfront (either 45min or 60mins) you will save 10% and then have 6 months to use all of the sessions in your plan. We can organise payment for these at the studio. 

Plans Studio Pilates Wellthy Clinic

Pilates 10 plan

For any form of pilates (1:1, 2:1 or online group matwork) if you buy 10 sessions upfront you will then save 10% and have 1 year to use all sessions in your plan. We can organise payment for these plans at the studio. 

Nutritionist Wellthy Clinic

15min FREE Nutrition Session

Heard addressing your Nutrition could be useful but not sure how? We offer 15min FREE Nutrition session via zoom to answer any questions and explain the nutrition process.

Nutritionist Wellthy Clinic

Nutrition plan £165 (normally £175)

1 x 1 hour initial assessment
1 x 30min nutritional plan explanation
1 x 30 minute follow up consultation (either online or in person) 
Detailed food diary and questionnaire analysis  
Lifestyle assessment e.g stresses, medical history, family history 
Current medication and nutrient interaction evaluation
Detailed nutritional action plan
Supplements recommendation and ordering (with discount) if applicable
Recommendations on clinical tests if applicable