TeamPregnancy is a challenging time mentally, physically and physiologically. At Wellthy Clinic we provide an integrated approach (Osteopathy, Nutrition & Pilates) to advise, support and empower you to best control and proactively manage your symptoms.

Pregnancy Osteopath Marylebone

Osteopathy is a great alternative treatment to taking pain medications which is not advised during pregnancy (NICE 2020). Osteopathy sessions include hands on muscular stretching, joint articulations and joint manipulations. You will be given advice on appropriate rehab exercises (mixture of stretching and strengthening) for your pelvic girdle muscles and upper back to aid mobility. The focus of treatments will be to reduce mechanical loading into the irritated regions, restore function and reduce pain. It may take a few sessions but your Osteopath will discuss with you how long it is likely to take to start to feel better. We regularly see patients with pelvic pain, upper and lower back pain due to pregnancy related postural changes. We find the combination of hands on therapy and Pilates works very well with meaningful movement.

Pregnancy Pilates Marylebone 

Is Pilates Good for Pregnancy?

At Wellthy Clinic we are big fans of meaningful movement especially within pregnancy. The Pilates instructors (also Osteopaths) will give graded exercises depending on the severity of your symptoms. We believe in safe, light exercise should be encouraged as it helps encourage blood circulation and increase functionality of your joints. Pilates will help strengthen your core, pelvic floor and overall musculature. Moreover it will help self empower you to support your pregnancy and to feel better. In addition, Pilates focuses on your mind body connection, is therapeutic and can be a great stress reliever.

When should you start Pregnancy Pilates?

If you have done Pilates previously then you can continue throughout your first trimester but ideally within a pregnancy class. If you are new to Pilates then starting at week 12 having completed an Osteopath led Pilates initial session. The initial session will go through the Pilates principles, discuss any strains you have in order to develop a bespoke Pregnancy Pilates plan for you.

Pregnancy lady pilates reformer

What Pilates Exercises to Avoid While Pregnant?

It depends on the individual but from the second trimester generally it is best to limit time lying on your back. Obviously avoid lying on your front aswell. Avoid crunches when lying on your back to not compress your abdomen.

How can I Change Pilates During Pregnancy?

There are plenty of modifications and mainly adopting side lying, all fours, seated and standing body positions to perform Pilates exercises instead. You can also also props like a wedge to put behind your back when lying on your back.


Strengthens your body and promotes overall endurance in preparation for labour. Increases your energy levels and encourages circulation. Helps to reduce stress and muscle tension. Moreover Pilates supports your body’s recovery after birth, including the strength and tone of your pelvic floor muscles.

Pregnancy Pilates

We run private (1:1, 2:1 or 3:1) studio pregnancy Pilates classes. We can advise on what type of session would be the best for you. The studio sessions involve reformer, cadillac and chair equipment so you can add resistance to make exercises easier (good for rehab). Similarly you can increase the resistance to increase the difficulty. Sounds good? Book a pregnancy Pilates session today.

Pregnancy Nutritionist

To help support your pregnancy our Nutritionist can advise on a well balanced diet, foods to avoid, foods to eat more of and maybe taking a few supplements to help. It is important in pregnancy to address your iron and folic acid levels (to name two) to ensure optimal foetal development. Small changes with your diet can make a big difference. Interested speak to our Nutritionist in a 15min free consultation to organise and find out more simply email


NICE (2020)