At Wellthy Clinic we offer a full body service with Osteopathy, Nutritionist and Pilates services. To support better health and wellness through meaningful treatment, nourishment and movement

Integrated Approach

We believe that by making a number of small changes in different domains is better than one big change in a single area. This is why we have an integrated approach combining knowledge learnt from different fields into treatments to gain the best results for patients.

Advice service

We will advise on best stretching and strengthening home exercises and stress management strategies. Also top hydration and nutrition tips, heat therapy and sleep hygiene techniques to optimise healing.

Wellthy Clinic Nutritionist homemade vegetables in the hands of men. harvest. selective focus.


Psoriasis? Anxiety? Stress? IBS? Diabetes? Weight loss? Menopausal symptoms? 
We can help you

Wellthy Clinic Pilates group photo


Feeling tight and inflexible? Want to improve your sports performance? Benefits of Pilates? Pilates for Seniors? Online Pilates? Pregnancy Pilates? Reformer Pilates?

We can help you