Private Pilates Sessions

At Wellthy Clinic we offer Osteopath led private (1:1) studio sessions using the Reformer, Cadillac and Chair equipment. We also offer private (1:1) matwork, private online and online group classes.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise which involves muscular stretching and strengthening. It will make you more aware of how your body moves. It teaches you how to stand tall and helps to prevent pain and injuries. Moreover Pilates focuses on breathing and toning muscles in a natural way. Which combines precision, fluidity of movements and balance within your body. Find out more at the Wellthy Clinic.

Pilates in Marylebone W1

Wellthy Clinic is a big advocate of meaningful movement and bespoke sessions based on your needs are tailored for you. Sessions are delivered in an innovative and engaging way. Therefore each session is different to ensure you will be challenged and have fun at the same time.

Wellthy Clinic Private Pilates

Private 1:1 Reformer Pilates

We will deliver sessions on the cadillac, chair and reformer machines. We will increase the difficulty or support you throughout the exercises depending on which resistance is added. Throughout the lockdown we are just offering 1:1 sessions. Hopefully we will offer 2:1 sessions in the future. Both classes provide a more personalised approach to exercise. Therefore ensuring the successful achievement of each client's goals. Whether this is to increase their sports performance or recover from injury. At Wellthy Clinic we are Osteopaths and experienced instructors who deliver bespoke sessions to increase efficiency to see results quicker.

Wellthy Clinic Online Live Pilates Classes

Private & Group Online Matwork Pilates

In online classes we deliver a series of floor based exercises maybe using small pieces of equipment. Throughout the exercises your posture and technique will be checked in real time to maximise benefits. Above all these sessions provide a great variety of exercises and offer a social element to the classes by being part of a group.

Is Pilates Good for your Back?

Yes, in our opinion absolutely! Exercises will stretch your body without overwhelming your muscles with strenuous positions. The machines provide support to elongate and/or activate the muscles without stressing your joints. Moreover increasing your flexibility through safe stretches will reduce back tensions. In addition, muscular strengthening exercises are performed in a safe manner to tone your deep postural muscles and support your back. It has multiple benefits please see our 10 benefits of Pilates and Pilates for Seniors blogs.

Will Pilates Tone your Arms?

Yes! There are numerous muscular strengthening exercises which (with regular practice) will help tone your arm muscles. We will find the right level to make you feel challenged and not overwhelmed. In other words you will walk out of a session feeling like you have had a good workout!

How Often Shall I do Pilates?

Ideally a minimum of twice a week to notice the benefits as it requires regular practice before you see the results. Moreover it is superb for athletes (runners etc) as part of a wider training program. In other words, it provides a balance to your overall training programs for injury presentation and increase your sports performance.

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