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We deliver professional and effective sports massage treatments focused on reducing muscular tensions. Designed to support active lifestyles, demanding job roles or to reward yourself. We have worked with a range of athletes like marathon runners, triathletes and volleyball players to name a few. We support with regular treatment to help them achieve their individual goals. Sports massage can compliment rehabilitation after a sports injury.

Will a Sports Massage Get Rid of Knots?

‘Knots’ are areas of muscular tension, massage is good way to help reduce muscular tensions. By applying a firm pressure you are encouraging further blood flow to your muscles to optimise healing. It is a great way to wind up down and relax. It is common to feel sore the day after a treatment but then you should your muscles should feel a little looser. You may need to consider having a few treatments depending on how tight your muscles are feeling.

What is the Difference Between Sports and Deep Tissue Massage?

With sports massage we provide a combination of passive stretching and firm massage. Deep tissue massage has a deeper pressure targeted towards specific areas of tension. Both treatments are pretty similiar. At Wellthy Clinic we deliver bespoke treatments for the client and we adapt the massage pressure depending on the individual's needs.

Migraine Massage

Can sports massage help with migraines? If stress and neck tensions are contributing towards your migraines then it would be worth trying to see if these helps reduce your symptoms. Tali et al (2014) suggested the prevalance of myofascial trigger points in your neck muscles and hypo-mobility in the upper cervical facet joints are associated with episodic migraines.

Sports Massage Wellthy Clinic

Sciatica Massage Therapist 

Is Sports massage good for sciatica? It depends on the cause of your sciatica but sports massage can help reduce tensions and help you feel better. Osteopath can be used for sciatica.

Does Sports Massage Hurt?

There could be areas of tensions which are uncomfortable but our clinicians are open to feedback and can adapt the pressure to your tolerance level. We want the massage to be effective (not to inflict pain) so we will look to find the right pressure to best suit each individual. We deliver professional, effective sports massage treatments focused on reducing muscular tensions, support active lifestyles and demanding job roles. Athletes we have supported are marathon runners, triathletes and volleyball players to name a few. We can support with regular treatment to help them achieve their individual goals.

How Often Should I get a Treatment?

To support high intensity regular training we would suggest a sports massage once every week. If you are in the latter stages of marathon training with weekly long runs of 18miles. Then a weekly massage would be beneficial to aid recovery before the next long run. For moderate intensity training a sports massage once every three weeks would be sufficient. It is common to experience osteopath for running injuries so sports massage can help reduce muscular tensions and support your training. For office workers with upper back and neck tensions having two treatments in two weeks and then once a month to proactively help manage your demanding job role. However for best results view sports massage as part of a wider training plan. We would advise effective hydration and nutritionist, Pilates and sufficient sleep to support more demanding exercise and job roles.

Is Massage or Osteopathy Better for Injuries?

In a word Osteopathy, sports massage will not help resolve injuries but it is useful for reducing muscular tensions. Osteopath for lower back pain, Osteopath for knee pain, Osteopath for hip pain, Osteopath for sciatica and Osteopath for plantar fasciitis. An Osteopath will explain why your injury occurred and provide hands on muscular stretching, joint articulation and joint manipulations (only if appropriate). A rehab plan will be agreed upon with prescription of home based Pilates exercises. Advise will be given on your lifestyle, hydration and nutrition to optimise healing times. We offer 15 minute FREE osteopathy consultations to explain how we can help you further.

What to Expect on your First Appointment

During the first massage session you will be asked about your current general health, whether you have any recent injuries or conditions. Matthew Glithero (your massage therapist) will then leave the treatment room and allow you to dress down to your underwear. Then lie onto the treatment plinth on your front face down placing a towel onto your back. The therapist will then return into the treatment room and start with your professional massage session. Our therapists are open to feedback if the massage pressure is too much or not enough then just let them know.

Sports Massage

£63 30 minutes

Sports Massage

£74 45 minutes

Sports Massage

£84 60 minutes