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Welcome to Wellthy Clinic, we are Matthew and Eleonora, two dedicated practitioners who take great pleasure in helping others. With our background in Osteopathy, Nutrition and Pilates we offer a list of services and long to support people in achieving their ideal wellness. We believe in encouraging YOU to find better health through manual therapy, meaningful movement and nourishing advice. Our Anglo-Italian partnership is built on Wellthy living and we want to share this knowledge with you.

Matthew Glithero MOsT, BSc (Hons),   

Matthew is an Osteopath, Cranial Osteopath, Pilates Instructor, Sports Massage Therapist with a background in Sports Science (BSc).

Growing up he was always active playing football, badminton, swimming and athletics. He has always been around sports and sporting injuries. Matthew experienced low back pain after playing football as a teenager at which point saw an Osteopath, Physiotherapist and Chiropractor. For him he found the Osteopath treatment to be very effective and loved the narrative behind the treatment. The hands on treatment and alternative to take pain medication was attractive. However it wasn't until his late twenties when he decided to change careers and retrain as an Osteopath.

Team Wellthy Clinic


He is a dynamic Osteopath in London who delivers bespoke treatments aimed to reducing pain. Helping you feel better and empowering you to pro-actively manage your own symptoms.

Matthew wants to know how he can add value. It may be that you have seen other practitioners and felt some benefit but your symptoms are still persisting. In which case, it’s time to try something different.

His Osteopathic approach focuses on identifying the patient’s functional and training issues which could have contributed to injury. Matthew aims to address your constitution and questions how healing times could be increased. He uses a range of hands-on techniques including muscular stretching, joint articulation and manipulation (only when appropriate and always with consent).


He believes Pilates aligns well with the osteopathic narrative to increase postural awareness. Also to perform meaningful movements and to stay well. The sessions work well for patients recovering from injuries and surgery to strengthen muscles and increase flexibility. Pilates can pro-actively prevent injuries by increasing body awareness. Matthew gained his advanced Pilates Matwork and Pilates Equipment Instructor training from the Australian, Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute.

Sports Massage Marylebone

As a Massage Therapist he delivers professional, effective treatments focused on reducing muscular tension to support active lifestyles and demanding job roles. He has worked with a range of athletes (marathon runners, triathletes and volleyball players to name a few) supporting them with regular treatment to help clients achieve their goals.


Outside of work Matthew loves a challenge and has completed two marathons and climbed Kilimanjaro in 2019. Moreover he enjoys travelling, nature and light hearted conversations with patients.

Private Medical Insurance

Matthew is a qualified and registered Osteopath (MOsT) with the General Osteopathic Council. Fully insured and recognised with AXA PPP, AVIVA, PRU VitalityCigna, Simply Health and Healthshield & WPA health insurance companies.

Eleonora Sansoni MOsT

Eleonora is an Cranial Osteopath, Osteopath, Nutritionist and Pilates instructor.

She is very passionate about her job and she is a firm believer that each person is unique and should be treated as such. She has a holistic approach to treatment which seeks to identify and address the cause of the presenting problem, rather than focusing only on relieving the symptoms. Eleonora mainly uses hands-on techniques and gives advice on lifestyle, nutrition and Pilates exercises.

Team Wellthy Clinic


Eleonora graduated from the British School of Osteopathy (now University College of Osteopathy). Then completed a postgraduate course in Traditional Osteopathic Methods which enhances the concept of the ‘whole’. A specific treatment that enables the body to restore posture and homeostasis, improve health and reduce pain.


The need for an even more comprehensive approach to health lead Eleonora to seek further knowledge and answers in to nutrition. Her personal experience in dealing with a skin condition turned into a deep interest in how a balanced diet can have a positive impact on our general health. Eleonora graduated as a Nutritional Therapist from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London.


Her education in rehabilitative care and nutrition progressed from her original training as a fitness and Pilates instructor. She has been teaching Pilates Studio classes and Pilates matwork on an private and group basis for the last 14 years in Italy, Australia and in the UK. Eleonora believes that Pilates is not just about flexibility or strength, it’s about awareness, knowing how to optimise movements in everyday tasks to prevent injuries.


Eleonora’s first accreditation was a Diploma in Physiotherapy which allowed her to gain experience working with pre and post surgery patients, rehabilitative care and massage.

Mezieres method

She also qualified in the Mezieres Method London, a whole body approach that focuses on increasing the functionality of movement and reducing pain through specific postural techniques designed to elongate the whole back muscular chain of your body and encourage neutral spine alignment.


Eleonora speaks fluent English and Italian.

Private Medical Insurance

Eleonora is qualified and registered Osteopath with the General Osteopathic Council. Fully insured and recognised with AXA PPP, AVIVA, PRU Vitality, Cigna, Simply HealthHealthshield & WPA health insurance companies.


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Wellthy Clinic Team Osteopathy

What is Wellthy living?

Wellthy living is a life filled with abundance, happiness, purpose, health and joy.

Mission Statement

We provide an integrated approach (Osteopathy, Nutrition & Pilates)  for people who are committed to finding their optimal health by empowering them to control their symptoms and promote Wellthy living.

Extra Mile

We believe we go the extra mile to question how your body’s healing processes could be improved. Moreover, how best to empower you to make positive changes to feel your best. Have a look at our google reviews, yell reviews and reviews page to read how we have helped our satisfied clients.

The Story of Wellthy Clinic

An old cliché says that you can’t mix business with pleasure. However, against all the odds we are partners in life and partners in business. United by the same passion for wellness and health. Thats why we created the Wellthy Clinic.

Osteopathy Marylebone

Matthew & Eleonora met whilst studying osteopathy (UCO) and since then our commitment to better health on a personal and professional level has led us to deepen our understanding of the human body. Consequently allowing us to expand our interests towards different but interrelated fields. (Osteopathy, Nutrition and Pilates). We strive for an integrated approach as one treatment modality can only take you so far. We deliver bespoke treatments to reduce pain and work with you to restore balance.

Small Changes

Our ethos is ‘small changes in different domains is better than one big change in a single area’. In fact, we believe that by addressing the body not only from a musculoskeletal/ neurological/ fluid dynamic point of view. But also from a biochemical and mechanical perspective we can achieve optimal wellbeing. No part of the body works in isolation.


We are committed to supporting you in an open, realistic and genuine way. That is so that you can get the most out of a treatment plan and achieve the results you are hoping for.


We are committed to building bridges between practitioner and patient through clear communication. Along with empathy and a friendly environment. We would love to work with anyone who is serious about their health. Real health doesn’t come with a ‘quick fix’, it’s an ongoing journey.


We are genuinely dedicated to creating a small community and want to develop strong therapeutic friendships. Also have fun and grow a Wellthy family.


If you feel it is finally time to get rid of your reoccurring musculoskeletal pains. Perhaps your digestive issues, constant tiredness, fatigue and stress. Along with skin conditions, postural imbalances and headaches. Have a look at our Reviews to see how we have helped our satisfied clients. Feel free to get in touch, we would love to hear from you as are happy to help.