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How to find the Best Osteopath in Central London?

Who is the best Osteopath in Central London? If you have suffered an injury and are seeking help to reduce your pain then you want to see the best practitioner. But how can you make sure the Osteopath you see is good if not the best?

In this blog we will discuss how you can find an Osteopath who will best suit you and get you the best results. Firstly what are the criteria to find the Best Osteopath in Central London? Questions could be:

Which Osteopath has the most experience?

Which Osteopath has the best reputation?

Who is the most approachable? Will I feel comfortable within treatments?

Which Osteopath is the most knowledgeable?

Tricky! These questions are quite broad and how will you find out all this information. Osteopaths treat your whole body and also want to address lifestyle factors which can be contributing to your symptoms. Osteopaths also treat a wide range of conditions, ages and use a wide range of techniques. A top tip is to narrow down your search depending on what you are looking for.

Specific searches for best Osteopath in Central London 

Osteopaths have different specialties, are you looking for an osteopath who can treat your sporting injuries? Seeing an osteopath with the most amount of general experience doesn’t necessarily mean they treat a large number of sports people. Also are you looking for an Osteopath to treat your baby? Seeing an Osteopath who has completed post graduate pediatrics training and specialises treating babies would be your best bet.

How do I narrow my search?

Try to narrow your search down and be more specific to your problem you are presenting with. For example, if I had low back pain a better search would be the most experienced osteopath for low back pain. However something to bear in mind is the most experienced Osteopath always the best Osteopath? Yes an Osteopath who has qualified 40 years ago has seen a lot of patients over the years. But have they regularly updated their knowledge with the latest research or have they been treating in the same manner for 40 years. Has the Osteopath with the best knowledge also good at making you feel comfortable within a treatment? Are they good communicators and really understand you and your presenting problem?

Who is the best Osteopath for you?

Personally I would like to see an Osteopath with a good amount of experience, good communicator, knowledgeable and will gain good results with my symptoms. Finding an Osteopath that understands you and your problem, can talk on your level and makes you feel relaxed could be the right practitioner for you. If you believe in the treatment plan, trust and feel relaxed then you are going to gain the best results from a treatment. For me, the best Osteopath in Central London is the one who is right for you. We are all different and Osteopathy is a unique as it is treating you. If you leave the treatment feeling better than before then that is a great start. A couple of things you could try to start your search.

Are they registered?

In order to call yourself an Osteopath you will have needed to completed a minimum of 4 years of masters level studying. It is a requirement to be registered with the governing body General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and to be insured. Details of which are displayed on the GosC website. 


Ask your friends or family if they have had any recommendations. They will want to help you and no one gives recommendations unless they had a positive experience. Ask them what was so good about their experience and why they liked the Osteopath.


Check out previous patient’s reviews on google, facebook, yell and yelp. Also reviews on the pages of the Osteopath’s website. You will see patients who have experienced similar problems to yourself and how the Osteopath helped. This gives a valuable insight as to whether this practitioner can help with your issue.

Language and facilities

If you are not completely fluent in English is there a practitioner who speaks your language? Otherwise there is always the possibility of bringing a friend who can translate of your behalf. If you use a wheelchair and need access, you will need a facility that has wheelchair access. If you are unsure then feel free to contact the Osteopath.

Get in Contact with the Osteopath 

Have a look on the Osteopath’s website or social media where you will see their profile. Generally they will talk about their story, where they trained, how they like to treat, their interests and if they provide any other treatments (Pilates, Nutrition, massage etc). Do they seem approachable? Could you see them treating you? If you still have any further questions then feel free to give them a call. Do they sound friendly on the phone? Are they trying to sell you something or being helpful and answer your questions thoroughly? How do they make you feel? If you feel confident following your search then why not try a treatment.

Free 15 Minute Osteopathy Consultations

Some practitioners appreciate Osteopathy isn’t particularly well known and it is natural for people to have questions. Some Osteopaths will offer free 15 minute consultations to conduct a case history and give an explantion as to what is happening. If they believe you are in the right place they will tell you what an Osteopath session would include and whether they feel they can help.you.

Best Osteopath in Central London

In conclusion, I hope you found this blog useful and feel a little bit more confident in finding the best osteopath in Central London for you.

At Wellthy Clinic we have produced blogs on Low back pain, Sciatica, Hip pain, Knee pain, Pelvic Pain, Plantar fasciitis, Headaches and Stress. These blogs will explain potential causes of these conditions, your treatment options and how Osteopath could help. We conduct 15 min free osteopath consultations so we can meet in person and discuss your situation. We are more than happy to answer any questions via email hello@wellthyclinic.com or 07766093159 so feel free to get in touch or book in online.

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