Vitality Health Insurance Osteopathy London

Vitality Health Insurance for Osteopathy

Looking for registered Vitality health insurance Osteopaths in Central London. A Wellthy Clinic we can help. Our Osteopaths are trained both in structural and cranial osteopathy and are registered with Vitality. We can invoice on your behalf to claim reimbursement. All we need is your Vitality membership number and authorisation code. At Wellthy Clinic we offer Osteopathy treatments at 63 New Cavendish Street in Marylebone, London, W1G 7LP. You can book online mentioning you have Vitality Health Insurance and quote your membership number and authorisation code. Otherwise call on 07766093159 or email with any further questions.


Vitality Health Insurance Questions

Should I speak with Vitality before booking an appointment? 

We always advise speaking with Vitality before booking a session just to double check you will be able to claim reimbursement. We need your Vitality membership number and authorisation code. Our Osteopaths Matthew Glithero and Eleonora Sansoni are both registered with Vitality. We will invoice directly on your behalf.

How long are treatment sessions?

Your initial appointment will be 60 minutes whereby we take a case history, postural assessment and testing, we will diagnose and provide hands on treatment. Follow up sessions with Vitality are 30 minutes in duration which are focussed on treatment. Treatments will include muscular stretching, joint articulations and manipulations (if appropriate). We will also provide home based exercises to practice in between sessions. We are Pilates Instructors as well as Osteopaths.

Do I have to contact Vitality UK before I attend my appointment?

Yes we advise speaking with Vitality to gain your authorisation code prior to attending the clinic to ensure successful reimbursement.

How many Sessions can I Claim for ?

It depends on your policy but typically it's around 4 sessions initially that can be used over the course of a year. If you finish your allocation but still require further treatment we could write a treatment report for Vitality and request further sessions (if we feel this is necessary). At Wellthy Clinic we offer Osteopathy and/or Cranial Osteopathy of which the prices are below if you wish to continue outside of your insurance allowance paying privately.

Vitality health insurance osteopathy london
Vitality Health Insurance Osteopathy London